Clearance Transfer Adhesive Tape

Clearance Transfer Adhesive Tape

3 Mil pressure sensitive adhesive (glue) tape. It is all glue coated on a silicone release liner. Ideal for home crafting of permanent labels,stickers and decals. It is ideal for mounting or adhering stickers and labels to a variety of porous or irregular substrates. It will also adhere to all paper substrates as well as a variety of harder to stick to, low-surface energy substrates like polystyrene and plastic surfaces. (LSE)


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Product Details

Product Description:
A 3-mil high initial tack, unsupported acrylic permanent pressure-sensitive film, coated on a silicone release liner.

Product Use:
This product was developed for use primarily for Low Surface Energy (LSE) bonding. The high performance Acrylic Adhesive provides bonding to a wide variety of LSE materials and many types of foams including Urethane. Exhibits excellent peel and shear properties.