The Hot Press Heated Glass Top Vacuum Press handles a wide range of presentation materials from foam board and wood to photos, art prints and delicate fabrics. It is highly regarded by picture framers, photo labs, digital service bureaus and other finishing professionals for its ability to produce a very even spread of heat across the work surface, leading to a superior quality of surface finish. 

All models feature:

  • AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC TIMER - With manual over-ride switch.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - So that all kinds of artwork can be mounted - even those that may be subject to damage by heat.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIMER CONTROL - When processing large volumes of work, the programmable timer can be set to the minimum time required for each batch of work, increasing productivity
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE CONTROL - Minimizes even heavy creases and wrinkles while ensuring that delicate items such as foam board and embossed prints are not crushed.
  • DEDICATED VACUUM PUMP - The factory-matched vacuum pump ensures that pressure is never pulled too quickly or slowly.
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