Digital Extreme Bond Laminating Films

Extreme Bond Laminating Films are designed to provide a superior adhesion and vibrant output for hard to stick to dry toner-based print and other hard to stick to print media. Extreme bond adhesive is engineered to create a chemical bond that enables lamination immediately after printing. It’s ideal for high volume print shops requiring fast turnarounds to meet customer demands.Extreme bond digital laminating films films are recommended for use on output from digital presses and printers such as Canon imagePRESS, HP Indigo, KODAK NexPress, Xeikon, Xerox iGen3 and most DocuColor systems.They are ideal for high volume print shops requiring fast turnarounds to meet customer demands. The combination of high bonding adhesive with a polyester substrate satisfies the needs of print providers, publishers, and consumers for durable, on-demand laminated output.


  • Strong Adhesion – Trust our high bonding adhesive for superb adhesion. Strength and field tests confirm that it is the product of choice for professional print providers. It adheres to fresh prints including those with composite colors from various digital print engines.
  • Versatile: Our high bonding adhesive runs well at a range of speeds and temperatures on both entry-level and high-speed laminators
  • Finish: Available in Gloss and Matte
  • Available Gauges: 1.4 mil, 1.7 Mil, 3 MIL, 5 Mil, 10 Mil
  • Temperature Range: 250-265°F (120-140°C)
  • Market Applications: Book Covers, Postcards, Pocket Folders, Brochures and Presentation Covers
  • Wound on 3" diameter core rolls