Seal Laminators

The SEAL® Family of  laminating machines, proudly sporting the; "Made in America"label, run the gamut of professional finishing. From the SEAL® 54 EL to the SEAL® 65 Pro MD; there is a SEAL® laminator made just for your application. SEAL® manufactures a total of 7 different models: SEAL® 54 EL, SEAL® 65 EL, SEAL® 54 Base, SEAL® 62 Base, SEAL® 62 Pro, SEAL® 65 Pro MD and the IMAGE® 80 Pro MD; with optional cold only, single heated roller and dual-heated roller combinations. Several of the larger models have optional productivity packages.

The SEAL® Family of Laminators all include a 1 Year Parts / Six Months Labor Limited Warranty*  This warranty, coupled with the "MADE IN THE USA" moniker, makes SEAL® laminators the brand you can trust for a lifetime of laminating.