About Remington laminations

Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide you with personal attention. It is our desire, intention, and goal to give to each and every one of our customers the best in customer service. We want to gain your confidence as a fair and reliable supplier with the sincere desire to keep you as a long-standing customer. Your input will always be welcomed and gratefully received.

Remington's History

Remington Laminations Incorporated was founded in 1997 by Colin Cresswell after having been forced into semi-retirement after his current employer, Sallmetall, was purchased by then Seal Graphics, absorbed and then later closed . Having over 40 years of experience in many different phases of the engineering graphics, color graphics and the wide format printing industry, both Domestic and International,coupled with his knowledge and expertise of the exhibit industry, Mr. Cresswell chose to forge ahead into uncharted waters and create Remington Laminations. Since its' inception, the company has solidified its' position in the Mounting and Laminating Equipment & Supply industry worldwide and has created a name that signifies its brand motto,The Ultimate Bond and Protection, by going the extra mile to ensure our customers, large or small, receive quality products in a speedy cost-effective manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more in-depth information about our company or its' products and services.

Remington's R & D

Our research, development and marketing of several unique products has enabled Remington Laminations to develop a world wide presence within the wide format graphics industry as well as the luxury packaging establishment. Our core philosophy of honesty and integrity, has enabled us to develop and maintain key liaisons throughout several different industry sectors.HUB Certified by the Great State of TEXAS.