Seal 62 Base Laminator

Seal 62 Base Laminator

The SEAL® 62 Base laminating machine is one of SEAL’s best selling machines to the growing digital display market. Ideal for mounting and laminating pressure-sensitive graphics up to 62”, this machine represents a flexible package at an affordable price - without compromising its functionality.The SEAL 62 base is a pressure-sensitive machine with heat assist Top roller that ensures superb results with a wide range of materials. The SEAL 62 Base is easy-to-use, and will deliver genuine flexibility and high performance levels for the small to medium sized user. The SEAL 62 base is suitable for small to medium display based businesses who want to expand their range of applications. Suggested applications: Motor-cross Decals, Rigid Indoor Displays, Rigid Outdoor Displays, Back-lit Displays, Pop-Up Displays, Roll-Up Displays.(pressure sensitive materials only):

SEAL® 62 Base Laminating Machine Brochure

  • $16,391.56

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