Polar Grip Gloss

Polymeric self-adhesive vinyl for permanent printed signs

Polar Grip polymeric self-adhesive PVC film is the ideal solution when your digitally printed signs or graphics need to be there to stay, whatever the conditions, for up to five years. Polar Grips’s high bond adhesive means you can permanently apply graphics to any surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, brick and more using a premium vinyl with performance you can trust.

Permanently apply graphics

Polar Grip polymeric self-adhesive vinyl’s unique aggressive high bond adhesive is perfect for graphic applications where flexibility and strong adhesion are required.  It allows users to permanently apply graphics onto many different surfaces, such as a decal for a motorcycle helmet. We recommend using this product in conjunction with the RemiGRIP 10 or RemiGlossy 12 for the creation of motocross, sport bike or racing decals. The finished product will be high quality, abrasion resistant and eye catching.

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