PrintShield Anti-Graffiti Laminating Film

PrintShield Anti-Graffiti Laminating Film

Print Shield Anti-Graffiti high performance PCTFE film protects UV, electrostatic and ink-jet prints from a wide variety of stains and chemicals, such as paint, and permanent markers - simply remove with standard household cleaners. This plasticizer and stabilizer free film also offers the highest moisture barrier of any clear, flexible film and is also flame resistant. Create long lasting, permanent menu boards, medical charts, bus kiosks, school dry erase boards,work flow charts, anything dry erasable becomes permanent marker dry erasable. Planes, Trains, Buses, Trolleys, Cars..
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Product Details

Key benefits of Print Shield Anti-Graffiti include maintaining a long-lasting professional look while being easy to clean with com­mon, economical cleaners. The PCTFE high-performance film only measures 1 mil and is completely stain, flame and chemical resistant, as well as plasticizer and stabilizer free. This unique film offers the highest moisture barrier of any clear, flexible film on the market, which means true protection against graffiti, unlike anything else that is available in today’s digital print and finishing market place.  Print Shield Anti-Graffiti is the perfect weapon to combat vandalism concerns. Our unique high-performance film offers true graffiti protection and reduces harm to the environment

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