Gold Soft Touch Laminate

Gold Soft Touch Laminate

Gold Soft Touch® Laminating Film features an luxurious, gold matte, soft touch finish.The velvety, gold matte finish, make it ideal for applications that require an continuous solid gold soft touch matte finish. It is ideal for applications that require a continuous gold gradient level, to insure each box is an exact duplicate. Most inks/toners have a "graying" effect in a long production run, this film will eliminate it. It is an exceptional product for prestigious and premium applications in search of a touch distinction. This film is printable, glue-able and foil stamp-able. It is ideal for use in the custom packaging industry as well as for high-end book covers, packaging prototypes, corporate brochures, product branding as well as a variety of other applications. It is also available in silver metal,black, white and an intense red finish.


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Product Details

The Original DLSOFT TOUCH®  feel with a luxury metallic gold and extra bond matte finish


  • Gold matte film with an elegant and sophisticated appearance, and the attractive SOFT TOUCH  effect
  • Gold hot foil stamping-like effect by applying a clear spot UV on top
  • Glueable, stampable and printable
  • Printable by traditional offset with oxidative inks (specifically for non-porous materials), offset UV and screen printing


  • Premium gift packaging
  • Presentation folders
  • Gift cards
  • Luxury folding cartons such us perfumes, spirits, jewelry, luxury bags, etc.

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