Soft Touch Laminating Film

Clearance Soft Touch Laminating Film

SOFT TOUcH® Standard Laminating Film features our SoFT TOUcH® velvet matte finish base film and a standard temperature adhesive. The velvet, matte finish, make it ideal for applications that require an intense, unique matte finish. It is an exceptional product for prestigious and premium applications in search of a touch distinction. This film is printable, glue-able and foil stamp-able. It is ideal for use in the custom packaging industry as well as for high-end book covers, packaging prototypes, corporate brochures, product branding as well as a variety of other applications. Not for use with toner based printers.


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Product Details

  • Feel the difference of the genuine SoFT TOUcH® laminating film.
  • 50% more matte than other standard matte films on the market. Its fantastic finishes convey the sensation of luxury and exclusivity.
  • Good scuff resistance properties.
  • It enhances the original colors, obtaining the best results in all of your lamination jobs.
  • Printable by Offset UV, Offset oxidative (specific for non-porous materials) and Screen Printing UV.

Recommended Running Temperature Range: 110º-130 Cº (230-266 ºF)

Applications Include:

Book covers, magazines, post cards, brochures, packaging lamination (perfumes, spirits, jewelry, luxury bags), business cards, luxury labels.

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