Dual Temp Thermal Mount Adhesive

Our Dual Temp Thermal Mount Adhesive is a two-in-one mounting adhesive combining a polyester carrier with dual adhesives - pressure-sensitive and clear heat-activated permanent mounting adhesive.  It is manufactured with a  2.0 mil thermal laminating film on one side, and a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on the other. A clear polyester liner is used to protect the pressure sensitive adhesive during transit. This economical dual temp adhesive technology allows you to easily create a pressure-sensitive decal and thermally encapsulate your image in one pass. Ideally use this product with a 1.7 mil, 3 mil or 5 mil laminating film to create stunning decals. Operating Temperature Range 180-210 F 

This product is comparable to Print Mount® DualTemp™ and GBC  Arctic™  Thermal Mount

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